Under the banner of summer, nature and outdoor living, an issue dedicated to summer design and architecture

Charm bordering on enchantment, warm and enveloping, joyful and playful, enlivened by bright colors and the vibrant summer light. Works of architecture, fluid like the sea, selected for our July-August issue: private homes but also spaces set aside for the most exclusive hospitality and wellness (also in retail contexts), that establish special relationships with their locations, from Capri to Cervia, Ibiza to Barcelona, San Luis Potosí to New York, all the way to Paris. Each project, in its own way, reinterprets the cultural, aesthetic and material essence the genius loci in a contemporary way, as the very foundations of the project.

Summer Time: INTERNI July-August on newsstands
Motion Graphic: Daniele Basilico

Our design pages focus on summer, nature and outdoor living. Water is the metaphorical reference point for a series of objects with free, fluid forms, that challenge functionalist certainties while recovering a primordial sense of creativity. The herbarium seen as an imaginative selection of the bo­tanical world stimulates graphic and multimedia works by five contemporary design signatures, offering a new interpretation of the relationship between human beings and nature.

Then we examine new furnishings whose common denominator is the presence of bright summery hues: upholstered pieces, seating, tables and complements with finishes and coverings that remind us of clouds, the multicolored horizons of vivid sunsets. Bringing energy into the spaces of life, of a sun that seems to never set.