To dress up your house with the click of a mouse. The expert interior designers of the Superbacana website translate personality, lifestyle and aspirations into new spaces, colors and objects, proposing custom solutions in record time at an affordable cost. Minimal, new pop, classic, industrial shabby chic are just a few of the styles proposed to furnish the home, optimizing spaces, time and budget. Superbacana, which combines the lively Brazilian creativity  of Monica Samori with the Italian taste of Enrico Bernuzzi, is an easy-to-use website full of information and curious items that help users, step by step, to create a new image for their homes, offices or stores. Six packages are available: basic (4.99 € per m2), easy (9.99 € per m2), super (19.99 € per m2), green (7.99 €), superbacana (9.99 € per hour) and total re-do (estimate upon request).