Palazzo della Ragione is the prestigious setting for the exhibition “Superurban. Sustainable Urban Regeneration” of the “Barbara Cappochin” International Architecture Biennial. The show narrates 19 experiences of sustainable urban renewal in different world cities: from Milan to Copenhagen, Seville to Tripoli, Turin, Nantes, Vienna, Madrid, Medellin, Seoul, New York, Dublin, Barcelona. Examples that can serve as models for the city of the future: sustainable, intelligent, inclusive, categories based on the guidelines proposed in the European document Europe 2020. A strategy for intelligent, sustainable and inclusive growth.Projects done in a wide range of socioeconomic and cultural contexts, that share the characteristics of being open and shared, intrinsically connected to the landscape and the territory. The exhibition, curated by Andrea Boschettiwith Grammatiche Metropolitane, is the result of an installation project by Andrea Boschetti, Alberto Francini and Michele De Lucchi, produced by Ar.te.