“Italian design between autarky, austerity and self-production” is on display at the Milan Triennale, via Alemagna 6, as part of the seventh edition of the Triennale Design Museum, to rediscover a historical period that has seldom been investigated, namely that of the 1930s. Each “edition” of the museum, however, is not linked only to memory. History and memory help us to interpret the present and the future. The basic idea is that to design in the years of the economic crisis can stimulate creativity. The Triennale Design Museum investigates productive self-sufficiency, approached in different ways in three crucial historical periods. The itinerary covers the origins of Italian design in the 1930s, the so-called autarky period, and then analyzes the historical period of the 1970s, marked by economic crisis, to then reach the 2000s, with the new “makers” and experimental forms of bottom-up and indie production. Info: www.triennale.it