Thursday 27 June at 6 p.m., at More Showroom Milano in via Solferino 15, the final act of the four-stage journey on the theme of temperatures in contemporary spaces

'Sense of temperature' has in some ways taken on a high value today. We are obsessed with the need to know temperatures: of our bodies, which must not exceed 37 degrees (otherwise it is fever), of man-made spaces, indexed to a maximum of 21 degrees (otherwise it is waste), of the Planet, terribly overheated. Designing temperature is a challenge, it means entering into an empathic relationship with the world: greater awareness / greater well-being.

A journey in four stages

"Temperatures" is a four-stage event designed by Interni for RBM MORE: a vis-à-vis between architects and creatives who address the theme of 'temperatures' in contemporary spaces.

Closing evening on Thursday 27 June

On the evening of Thursday 27 June, after greetings by Gilda Bojardi (Director of the Interni System) and an introduction by Federico Ongaretti (Marketing Manager RBM and MORE), the theme will be debated by Duccio Grassi (founder Duccio Grassi Architects ), Emanuela Ferretti (Visual Merchandising Design Director Max Mara, Weekend Max Mara and Sportmax), Alessandro Enriquez (stylist and designer) and Massimo Villa (MORE sales manager). Moderator: Patrizia Catalano, journalist for Interni.