Picturesque, imaginative but above all authentic, the Casa Milo art calendar is illustrated by 12 shots by the author who interpret pasta to whet the imagination and nourish the eye

Twelve of the most talented and visionary photographers of the contemporary Italian scene to present in 12 shots the made in Italy food par excellence, the most loved in Italy and beyond: pasta.

Thus was born the Art Calendar 2022 of Casa Milo, historic Apulian pasta factory, born in 1870 in Bitonto, which selected and involved some of the most interesting and promising looks on the national scene, asking them to (re) interpret, (de) contextualizing it in a more or less conventional way, what this varied but ordinary food represents - unmistakable and irreplaceable - in their daily lives and then accompany consumers with their works for everything the year.

A kaleidoscope of super pop visions (and gestures), month after month

The project, conceived by Yello! Communication in collaboration with curator Laura Tota, plays with forms and references, function and irony to return a kaleidoscope of celebratory, irreverent and super pop, ritual or unexpected, from the most imaginative to the most picturesque to the most sensual. All authentic gazes, which tell, month after month, the essence of food that more than others, especially in Italy, contains in its consistency, in its golden color - in its gestures - a whole world of cultural references, smells, flavors and memories.

The delicate or primordial unpredictability

The unpredictability of the moment captured by the flash is the protagonist of the January shot, which illuminates the delicate and dreamlike impression on the skin of a striped butterfly made by Marta Blue, and who in June immortalizes the primordial gesture of nourishment and (of homemade enjoyment, sometimes kitsch) of Pupo Pop , muse of Bellissimo Zine, the creative duo formed by the photographers Paolo Zerbini and Ivan Ruberto.

Sensuality and generative power

The naive sensuality of the nymphs of March by Carla Sutera Sardo plays with generative force and eroticism of the body, sinuous and provocative, of May interpreted by Eleonora D'Angelo, as if to underline how pasta can be as much a woman as a mother, in a riot of birth, life and joy.

Celebration steeped in tradition

And if the celebratory story of pasta relives in the Sunday memory of the August family lunches told by the deep nostalgia of the shot by Piero Percoco and from the southern April atmosphere of the Sicilian Leandro Colantoni, it is the warm July of Alessia Morellini to resume the child's games by decorating the maternal hairstyle with spouts and paccheri rigati.

Propitiatory authenticity

Simplicity and authenticity enclosed in a few grams of gold, so evocative in form that they are carried in a September procession staged by the Sardinian photographer Gianmarco Porru or so calibrated as to be transformed into design objects in the imaginative February of Tiziano Demuro . It enhances the mimetic aesthetic Ellegramm, which in October ties spaghetti with flowers, as if they were a propitiatory gift for the beginning of autumn.

Faceless mystery

The gloomy November atmospheres of Irene Ferri , who spies through her lens the contents of a precious bag / treasure, seem to re-emerge in the end of year toast by Giorgibel: noodles, traditional from the Emilian photographer's territory of origin, dance in a martini glass, never revealing any face.

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How to get the calendar

Until February 22, it is possible to win the Art Calendar, printed in limited edition, through the online contest Giveaway on the profile Instagram of Casa Milo.

A short story/homage daily for images

The photo calendar of Casa Milo for 2022 is a story that declines in an artistic key a tribute that is made every day on the tables of all Italians, making pasta, with its family gestures and rituals, a life partner.

Happiness in a plate of pasta

All that remains is to dive into a sea of gold and taste, a harbinger of smells and flavors, memories and tales, and let yourself be guided for a 2022 in the name of happiness, the one enclosed in a plate of excellent pasta, Casa Milo of course.