After 50 years, the search is on for the authentic roots of the building at number 1 Vicolo Santa Maria alla Porta in Milan, owned by Reale Immobili, a company of the Reale Mutuagroup. The building represents one of the most highly acclaimed examples of urban architecture from the frenetic period of the Italian socio-economic boom. With the installation of the scaffolding that will conceal the facades for the next six months or so, work has begun on the conservation and restoration of this gem of Milanese artistic heritage. The building is the work of the famous architect, urban planner and designer Luigi Caccia Dominioni. Reale Immobili, the affiliate of Società Reale Mutua di Assicurazioni, which organized its real estate holdings in this firm in 2002, has decided to invest time, care and resources in this initiative of urban renewal.