The design company opens a new showroom: 6000 m2, transformed from an industrial production unit to a convivial display space thanks to a project by Mauro Lipparini.The building is completely made with glass bricks and concrete: the tiles have been produced exclusively for Bonaldo, very thick, with an undulated surface, in a single non-standard size, 30×30 cm. Each piece has an internal mirror finishto capture light and achieve an irregular effect of reflection on the facade, like luminous waves. When the sun goes down the showroom lights up thanks to 64 spotlights aimed at the facade. The ground floor is for displays and conversation, while the upper level contains offices, meeting rooms and the corporate museum. The display space is divided into two main areas by a central wall that is white on the front side, equipped with backlit niches that become special display points, to highlight a product or a particular moment.