A new 5-star boutique hotel, already known for its attention to detail, innovative technology and refined, functional design. The Emblem Hotel in Prague is a facility with 59 rooms, located near the Old Town Square. Done by UHI Bohemia, the remarkable renovation has been guided by a team of internationally acclaimed architects and designers, including Alison McNeilof Design Dialog, Ondrej Píhrtof RAP and Alexandra Rohacovaof AED. Several pieces have been custom designed by young Central European artists, including Daniel Posta and Zdenek Vacek, Jakub Jandourek, Georg Bohle, Andrew Clancy. The building maintains its historical structure, but it has been carefully restored to bring out the forms and taste of the Art Deco movement from the start of the last century. The extreme care that has gone into the making of the hotel can be seen in the details and the luxurious comforts. All the artworks in the rooms and suites are part of collections of renowned local artists like Tomski & Polanski andLucia Scerankova, and will be alternated on a periodic basis.