Marta Laudani and Marco Romanelliwith Filippo Francescangeli, starting with the graphic works created by the children involved in the activities of the non-profit organization Mus-e Roma, have created the ‘Enchanted River’ plate in glazed ceramic for Bosa, a limited edition of 150 numbered pieces. The most stimulating and most complex part of the project – the designers explain – was to choose from the many drawings made by the children in the various Mus-e workshops in Rome. Abstract, surreal, materic and figurative drawings that narrate flowers and cities, as well as marine landscapes: every work could be transformed into a decoration. The basic choice was not to interfere with the creativity of the children, instead trying to operate with a “light touch” and to leave ample space for the childish visual language. The designers decided to reconstruct a sort of fairytale landscape, putting together fragments from many of the drawings. The result is a work of division and recomposition.