Jardins d’Été by the artist Quayola is an immersive video installation: a series of digital video paintings in ultra-high-definition inspired by French Impressionism and the later works of Claude Monet.

Through experimental use of technology – computational analysis of movement, composition and color schemes – Quayola creates a series of artistic algorithms, exploring new modes of visual synthesis.


Quayola is a visual artist whose research investigates unexpected dialogues and collisions, tensions and balances between real and artificial, figurative and abstract, new and old. His work ranges from photography to geometry, digital sculpture to audio-video installations.

The IQOS Pathfinder Project is a global cultural platform that supports the most innovative creative talents, in pursuit of new ways of thinking, feeling, hearing, tasting and seeing.

The IQOS Pathfinder Project supports projects that reveal a particular way of living in the world without preconceived notions, triggering positive change. While the past cannot be changed, the future can be redesigned through creativity and innovation.

The creative use of technology contributes to reinforce sensory perception and to shift our way of thinking about what can or cannot be changed.

Culture guides change: the projects presented in the context of the IQOS Pathfinder Project share the force to get beyond the boundaries of traditional thinking.


IQOS is the new HeatControl™ technology of Philip Morris International that is revolutionizing the tobacco industry: an electronic system that heats tobacco, releasing its aroma without burning it. Many of the sensory aspects and rituals connected with the use of tobacco are conserved, but with the combustion.

The IQOS Embassies, presently in Rome, Milan, Turin, Modena and Bologna, are concept stores for display and sale of the electronic IQOS device.

Also designed to host exclusive events, from design to art, music to literature, the IQOS Embassies offer a synthesis of the aspiration to achieve better quality of life: design, technological innovation and sustainability.