Targetti starts over again, from Paris, the city where the international operations of the Florentine company founded by Sankey Targettiin 1928 and guided by his son Paolountil last year began, back in 1975. The new Parisian facility of the firm was opened by Lorenzo Targetti, of the third generation of the family, now president of Gruppo Targetti Poulsen Industries. The new French branch designed by the Florentine architectsRaimona and Nicolò Bernardini is located in a prestigious historical building in the 8th arrondissement, and combines a showroom, research center and managerial offices in a single space. The displays feature the lighting fixtures of the brands Targetti, Esedra and Louis Poulsen, for integrated lighting design in retail spaces, offices, outdoor zones, hotels, infrastructures, places of worship and homes. The heart of the new facility is a playroom where it is possible to test lighting effects thanks to a mobile suspended ceiling, walls with interchangeable textures, reflecting surfaces and curtains. Each fixture is controlled by a sophisticated system developed by Targetti for extremely simple use: with the help of an i-Phone, i-Pad or computer, it is possible to activate and modify a myriad of technical lighting solutions, controlling light points throughout buildings in an intelligent, integrated, efficient and ecocompatible way.