To promote the ceramics district in the world and outside of its local context, through operations of cultural value, in keeping with the dictates and languages of design. This is the objective of the exhibition by Luca Scacchetti at the Pinacoteca Civica of Savona. The results are Ciminier, Gradonia, Roofiana, Turrina, Arconia, Pilastra and Strambia, the seven cities that thanks to the encounter between Luca Scacchetti and the master ceramist Tullio Mazzottibecome ‘aediculae’ like the ones seen at crossroads in Albisole. The show will then move to Milan, at the Oratorio della Passione in Sant'Ambrogio, from 20 May to 2 June. The seven aediculae will be positioned in historic buildings of the city in Liguria, in dialogue with the existing heritage of the Madonnette, creating a circuit of values and urban artifacts.