The Stately Side of Expo is the first exhibition of photography of the urban landscape of Expowall, the new photography gallery that starts its activity on Tuesday 1 December in Milan.

The theme will be addressed by other photography initiatives in 2016 and represents a desire to contribute, through the subjective, free gaze of the artist-photographer, to reflections on the development of cities and communities.

The exhibition activity of Expowall will try to underline this aspect, above all: the newness of the cityscape, first of all in Milan, to be experienced not only as a triumph of construction, but also as a new field of creative freedom.

Expo triggers another perspective, due to one unique factor: most of the constructions of Expo2015 will no longer exist in the place where they stood for six months. What will remain are the viewpoints, the perspectives, the choices of the photographer.

Matteo Cirenei and Marco Menghi were at the scene when Expo Milano 2015 was still an enormous, bustling worksite, a project still to be made, a challenge to be met. This was back in February 2015.

Escorted by security guards, the two photographers (and architects) roamed the construction site, absorbing its energy. Trucks and cranes, excavations, cables, materials, rumbling engines, a thousand different languages. Expo was being born.

The project, the pre-view of the two photographers, was to search for the other side of Expo: the one that could get away from the negativity and pessimism that spread in the months prior to Expo Milano 2105 and seemed to hover darkly over the work.

At the same time as The Stately Side of Expo, Galleria Expowall opens its space on Via Curtatone with a group show on the Milanese urban landscape. Photos by: Caterina Maria Carla Bona, William Batsford, Antonella Bozzini, Francesca Maria Cabrini, Matteo Cirenei, Lidia Korotaeva, Marco Introini, Shahrnaz Lofti, Beatrice Mancini, Andrea Michelini, Marco Menghi, Daniela Scalia, Manuela Scotti, Achinoam Weinstein.