After the success achieved in Milan during the Fuorisalone 2012, the exhibition starts its tour in Sicily, by invitation of the ICODAssociation, which organizes Palermo Design Week.As part of a series of events entitled Il Genio delle Due Sicilie, Musei di Carta is shown inside the Loggiato di San Bartolomeo. The exhibition, promoted by Aliantedizioni as a research project on Italian museums, constructs the conditions for reflections on the theme of museum merchandising. Curated by Alessandro Loschiavo, the show presents the results of this research and some of the alternative proposals offered to the administrators of museums and the managers of their in-house commercial spaces. Italian museums contain some of the most spectacular treasures of the history of international art, but they are plagued by lack of funds for restoration and maintenance of works and facilities. Museums also encounter difficulties in optimization of the range of products offered to visitors. MdC has the aim of offering a chance for discussion, to contribute to improve the choices available in this field.The prototypes are by 20 interesting Italian designers, each associated with one of the most important national museums. All the creations are in recycled paper or cardboard. Light, economical objects, but capable of representing attractive souvenirs of a museum visit. The tour of the exhibition to different cities is facilitated by a minimal, recyclable exhibit design by Makoto Kawamoto. When packed, the exhibition fits into a volume of just two cubic meters. The next stop will be  Catania.