Dimmi di Vico is a collection of videos with guided tours of the Vico Magistretti studio-museum.

Entering a museum and being guided to discover its treasures is an experience many have tried, at least once. The memory can be more or less satisfying: but what is the secret of an engaging guided tour? It is the ability of the guide to narrate an objective story of things, people, events, filtered through his or her own experience, gaze and interpretation.

Fondazione Studio Museo Vico Magistretti invited Stefano Boeri and Patricia Urquiola to become the exceptional guides to the studio-museum.

In two videos, available to the public only at the studio-museum, the architect and the designer guide visitors through the rooms and the objects that surrounded Magistretti during 60 years of his career, at Via Conservatorio, narrating the place and the person from their own viewpoint, through their own professional experiences and memories.

Dimmi di Vico is a project of Fondazione Vico Magistretti curated by Rosanna Pavoni. Videos by Francesca Molteni. For info: Tel. 0276002964 – fondazione@vicomagistretti.it


See the video presentation: