The season of decadence has arrived, but it has not brought sober and much less gloomy colors. This was decreed by three large environmental installations that trigger an unexpected explosion of bright colors and vitamin overflows

The blue sky, clear and clear, the crisp and whipping air, the warm sun that does not cook but warms. The clothes still light but the sweater on the shoulders. The intoxicating scent of cyclamen and uncut school books. Figs, persimmons, grapes, pumpkin and chestnuts. The smell of fireplace, wood and burning, polenta with mushrooms.

Colors and flavors impregnate the autumn: there is an air of end, but also of beginning.

Colorful environmental installations

One would expect cultural proposals in pendant with the decadent and enveloping shades, nostalgic but also reassuring of the autumn, but no. Those proposals are exhibitions, or rather installations, with bright colors, bright, even noisy, which inhabit sacred and enigmatic spaces.

Wow environmental exhibitions are staged in Piacenza, Milan and Ravenna.

Gianluigi Colin. What remains of the present in Piacenza

A complex and monumental abstract and colorful site specific installation gives life to the Gianluigi Colin exhibition, curated by Achille Bonito Oliva, in the Volumnia gallery in Piacenza until November 19, 2022. The imposing space of the sixteenth-century Church of Sant'Agostino, reborn as an artistic project by Enrica De Micheli, pushed Colin to confront in a hand-to-hand with the challenging environments full of history and permeated by a natural spirituality.

Colored drapes lowered from above

The ad hoc exhibition consists of 60 multicolored canvases. If in the side aisles 50 works are placed in niches, what is surprising is the monumental installation in the central nave, in which enormous and sinuous drapes fall from above to envelop the space, as is traditionally done in the course of special liturgical events.

Andrea Bowers. Moving in Space without Asking Permission in Milan

The personal exhibition of Andrea Bowers at GAM - Gallery of Modern Art of Milan until December 18, 2022 offers an immersive experience within the work of American artist and activist, probing her commitment to the fight for gender equality and the women's emancipation.

A wide reflection on feminism

Created in collaboration with Fondazione Furla, the exhibition Moving in Space without Asking Permission si focuses in particular on the relationship between feminism and bodily autonomy, with an eye to both the present and the history of our country.

Enrico Minguzzi. The flood of the eye in Bagnacavallo

Inside the ancient rooms of the former Convent of San Francesco in Bagnacavallo (Ravenna) until 11 December 2022  the exhibition The full of eye by Enrico Minguzzi, edited by Saverio Verini , has a title that alludes to overflow, to the inundation of three-dimensional images and shapes that fit into dilapidated and enigmatic environments like silent and at the same time flashy presences.

L ' artist composes his pictorial imagery for superimpositions of veils, transparent and thin layers of color, tracing a process of proliferation of suspended shapes.

Works that pulsate with a mysterious and vibrant light

Minguzzi's paintings seem to reproduce elements taken from the mineral and vegetable world - stones, concretions, flowers, herbs - but in reality they are solely the result of a mental projection of the artist.

Caught in a kind of stasis, the subjects of the paintings nevertheless seem to pulsate with a mysterious and vibrant light. Thanks to the use of colors almost fluorescent, Minguzzi's works free themselves from a more strictly metaphysical figure, acquiring an energetic character capable of light up the exhibition spaces.