Three special productions, three narratives on stage at the Triennale. From a thousand photos of Milan that cover the brutalist staircase to the multimedia story of the pandemic and a tribute to Saul Steinberg

Three exhibitions, three author installations, three narratives - one brutalist but unexpectedly colorful, the other multimedia, collective and at the same time private, and the third sinuous, in continuity with the architecture of the Palazzo dell'Arte - which do not exhaust the rich exhibition proposal of Triennale Milano but which we point out. We were struck, for inventiveness, by involvement and, of course, content.

We are talking about Milan. City, I listen to your heart, the exhibition of the talented (inspired and not obvious) photographer Giovanna Silva, of Refocus. Visual archive of the pandemic, which, thanks to the project of the Dotdotdot studio, brings to life a multifaceted immersive experience and the expectation Milan New York, Milan's homage to cutting edge intelligence of Saul Steinberg, emphasized by the fluid exhibition landscape signed by Italo Lupi, Ico Migliore and Mara Servetto.

A thousand photographs of Milan installed on the brutalist staircase of the Palazzo dell’Arte

Unexpected and material, irregular and extravagant, metaphysical and colorful. Milanese. Milan. City, I listen to your heart is the exhibition of Giovanna Silva: a selection of about a thousand photographs taken in Milan over the course of a year installed along the brutalist staircase of the Palazzo dell'Arte. The installation project by Piovenefabi, exhibited until 12 December 2021, is enriched by a map of the city designed by Michele Marchetti with the locations of the photographs.

Inspired by Alberto Savinio, Giovanna Silva is attracted to the secret soul of Milan

At the end of the 1930s, Alberto Savinio composed an ode to Milan in which he dwelt describing its streets and monuments, its personalities, its fog and its hidden sides. Inspired by the writer, Giovanna Silva, photographer and founder of the Humboldt Books publishing house, she is attracted to that secret soul of her city, the less immediate and obvious one, the one to look for, with passion and constancy, intertwining instinct and determination.

A stratified, continuous, tireless research

For a whole year Giovanna Silva photographed Milan getting up at six in the morning. You have traveled circular itineraries that embrace the center and the periphery, returning to some places numerous times to take different shots, in a sort of stratified, continuous, tireless research.

A cultured and irregular vision to capture the elusive

Giovanna Silva focused on modern and contemporary buildings, but hers is a partial - irregular - vision that tries to capture something ineffable and elusive in detail. What she draws from - and which she gives back - is a cultured poetic. In her shots, which shine with vivid colors, extravagant details emerge, returned with an ironic and affectionate gaze, even if what hovers is a metaphysical atmosphere.

An engaging digital narrative of the pandemic

The Refocus. Visual archive of the pandemic, curated by Matteo Balduzzi and Matteo Piccioni, promoted by the Ministry of Culture in collaboration with the Museum of Contemporary Photography and Triennale Milano, collects the works of forty young people photographers, identified through public selection, who have been able to interpret experiences, situations and moods during the months of the pandemic.

The images are presented, until November 21, 2021, in the form of video projection, in a multimedia setting designed by the studio Dotdotdot which winds through a series of large panels located in the exhibition hall, emphasized by the sound design of Triennale Milano Teatro and Radio Raheem and some short texts written by the authors themselves.

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The precious visual documentation of a unique period

The 360 images on display tell with a great variety of themes and languages a unique period in the history of the country, returning a precious visual documentation. Two open calls launched between spring and autumn of 2020, the first to witness the suspension experienced in the months of quarantine and the second to stimulate a reflection on the transformations of Italian society in the period immediately following the lockdown, have identified the forty winning photographers.

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Personal visions and collective sensations

The immersive installation involves the visitor in a multifaceted visual experience, capable of combining a strongly collective main flow with extemporaneous moments in which the planning of the individual author emerges.

Diaries and relationships linked to the private sphere are intertwined with stories of landscapes and communities of the national territory. From traditional reportage to meta-photographic experimentation, techniques and languages alternate , concrete facts and allegorical transfigurations of reality, different registers and feelings: introspection, fear, autobiography, loss, hope, expectation.

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The 'refocusing' of reality

Refocus wants to focus on the 'refocusing' of reality following the effects that confinement has had on the space-time coordinates of everyday life , supporting the activity of photographers under 40 and recognizing their fundamental role within society.

The homage from Milan to Saul Steinberg

The highly anticipated exhibition dedicated to Saul Steinberg (1914-1999) is a project by Triennale Milano and Electa, curated by Italo Lupi and Marco Belpoliti with Francesca Pellicciari, exhibited in the 'curve' on the first floor of the Palazzo dell'Arte, until May 1, 2022.

The unread design published by Electa

The retrospective Saul Steinberg Milan New York is a homage that Milan owed to great artist who has dedicated many of his sharply intelligent works to the city where he stayed during his formative years.

An exhibition full of pencil, pen and pastel drawings, works made with stamps and watercolors, paper masks, object-sculptures, fabrics and collages to document Steinberg's intense and multifaceted artistic activity.

To accompany the works, a wide selection of documentary and photographic apparatuses, useful for a more careful understanding of the artist's life, as well as a careful selection of magazines and original books, which, starting from the famous covers of The New Yorker, welcomed some of Steinberg's most significant contributions.

The fluid exhibition landscape designed by Italo Lupi, Ico Migliore and Mara Servetto

The installation conceived by Italo Lupi , Ico Migliore, Mara Servetto of Migliore + Servetto Architects embraces the 'curve' defining a single large exhibition landscape. Following and underlining the sinuosity of the architectural space, the exhibit design project builds a fluid narrative around the illustrator's rich artistic corpus, without creating caesuras in the proposed curatorial path, but defining the rhythm of reading and at the same time inducing the visitor to advance freely in the space.

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The exhibition works on the lightness of the sign to build a traversable landscape, consisting of single episodes each capable of presenting each work in all its peculiarities. A targeted project of integrated light to the various exhibition structures designs the space in the reading and enhancement of the individual works and at the same time defines the detachment from the architectural context that hosts them, allowing you to read the architecture of the Triennale in its entirety.