The first edition of the international workshop Time Becomes an Object, conducted by Maria Antonietta Sbordone, will last one week at the headquarters of Fondazione il Tarì (structures for advanced training). The workshop is aimed at students and young Italian talents in fashion and design schools. The program calls for two introductory lectures on global scenarios, the formulation of trends and the technical specifics of timepieces. Thanks to the technical expertise of the Training School of the Goldsmith Center of Tarì, the workshop features practical sessions with the presence of the master watchmaker Mauro Atienza. Contemporary society, in continuous evolution regarding the use and perception of everyday objects, now reflects greater awareness of the validity and appeal of certain items of identity: the watch tells the time, but it is not the only tool for that purpose. Many multitasking devices include this function among others, giving rise to a series of hybrids. The workshop focuses on development of projects and prototypes for wristwatches and more. The final results will be shown in Geneva at the International Watch Fair.