The Art of Craftsmanship focuses on the human factor of manufacturing, on show during Milan Design Week from 20 to 22 April at the Cavallerizze of the Leonardo Da Vinci National Museum of Science and Technology

There's the Gommino, an international style icon since the late Seventies, with its unmistakable trademark: a sole covered in 133 rubbers that give it its distinctive look, coveted by celebrities the world over. There is the Di Bag, the emblem of refined and discreet luxury, impeccable taste and enviable quality that has won over Princesses Diana and Caroline of Monaco, Anne Hathaway and Monica Bellucci. And there is the imaginative gaze of Tim Walker, called upon by Tod's to narrate the excellence of handmade and made in Italy, which have always been the dimension and founding values of a brand devoted to quality and attention to detail, which has craftsmanship as its undisputed driver.

A tale told through images and video

From the encounter between Tim Walker's creativity and Tod's craftsmanship tradition comes The Art of Craftsmanship, a tale, made up of images and videos, that traces, in an ironic and surreal way, in the manner of the photographer and artist, the stages in the creation of the brand's icons. With his characteristic contemporary language, Walker plays on the double register of the objects made and the tools that accompany and represent the most important craftsmanship steps: cutting the leather, stitching, brushing.

Italian lifestyle and craftsmanship

Each image in the project tells a story of quality and tradition, reminding us that behind every product are the tools that make it and that behind each of these are the hands and knowledge of those who use them. "The Italian lifestyle and great craftsmanship are fundamental values for Tod's and having Tim Walker tell them allows us to convey these values also to the world of young people by speaking their language," comments Diego Della Valle, chairman and CEO of the brand.

Between art and beauty

"In our increasingly digital world, where most of the objects around us are made on an industrial scale by machines, craftsmanship becomes a more precious commodity every day. The people I met in the company and their experience were the real source of inspiration," says Tim Walker. Walker's images resonate a message of art and beauty, of wisdom and work well done, symbols of those authentic values that today even the youngest people are rediscovering and of which Tod's is a spokesman. The Art of Craftsmanship is articulated through various channels, on and off line. The debut is planned with an installation exhibition during Milan Design Week 2023, at the Cavallerizze of the Leonardo Da Vinci National Museum of Science and Technology, on 20 April. The exhibition will then be open to the public until Saturday 22 and will then become itinerant, travelling the world throughout the year, becoming an opportunity to discover how iconic Made in Italy products are made.

Two iconic pieces

The Gommino is Tod's moccasin made with leathers and techniques from the world's best tanneries, and the production process requires a high level of skill. The cutting of the hides and the stitching of the various pieces are done entirely by hand. In over one hundred steps, up to thirty-five pieces of leather are used for a single model, each of which must be individually treated and checked by hand before being assembled. Top-class workmanship also characterises the Di Bag, which is produced using techniques similar to those used by ancient saddle-makers. Extreme craftsmanship and attention to detail is required for the cutting of the leather, stitching and finishing of each style, meticulously put together.