Together by Design: Interni July August on newsstand

An issue created to respond to the desire for regeneration and relaxation, closely connected to the summer season, a time of focus on relationships and discovery of new horizons. Our projects of interior architecture, immersed in the landscapes of the Mediterranean, from Sicily to Sardinia, all optimize a fluid relationship with nature. They are private homes and places set aside for hospitality and tourism, places that revive local identities, memories of the past and ways of listening to the present, interpreting the know-how of territories, cultures and crafts, hypothesizing locations of perfect peace and quiet.

Plants, gardens, parks, swimming pools, spaces open to the sea all become fundamental factors, and the possibility of spending large portions of the day outdoors becomes an indispensable resource for wellbeing, especially in this present period of time.

Together by Design

Design contributes to nurture a dreamy dimension, making life more comfortable in a context of new aesthetic connotations. We have also concentrated on the new outdoor furnishings, a sector that drives the research of designers and companies, bringing outside innovative contents – technological and linguistic in nature – once lavished only on domestic interiors. These creations offer increasingly high performance, thanks to advanced research on materials, in which sustainability becomes an indispensable priority.

But the summer is also synonymous with color, imagination, vitality. Never before have we had such a yearning for this kind of energy. So we have explored the most joyful aspect of design, as well: the creativity that colors, redesigns and regenerates our cities – from Milan to Busan, in South Korea – as well as the energy that enters our homes through daring chromatic and geometric effects, based on new needs and impulses, transformed into projects and proposals.

Top, ph. by Benedetto Tarantino. Illustration: Giulia Conoscenti. Motion Graphic: Daniele Basilico.