The exhibition features over 200 works by the artist born in Albi, the entire collection of his famous posters, his lithographs, drawings, and a selection of paintings. The show is rounded out by a body of works of the Italiens de Paris, masterpieces by great Italian artists inspired in their style or themes by Henri de Toulouse‐Lautrec.

A versatile genius, through his amazing output of paintings, posters and lithographs Toulouse-Lautrec was able to describe the character of a city, a lifestyle, the colors of a generation and, more generally, the true way of life of Paris at the end of the 1800s, the Paris of the Moulin Rouge, Montmartre, and the maisons closes; that magnificent period straddling the centuries when the Ville Lumiére was the unrivaled world capital of art and culture, where great artists created works and influenced each other in constant pursuit of the new.

The major exhibition at Palazzo Blu presents the Italian and international audience with the extraordinary human and artistic adventure of Toulouse‐Lautrec, thanks to a large nucleus of graphic works that made him one of the “giants” of European art.

A careful selection of fundamental paintings and drawings from the most important French and international public and private collections completes the itinerary.

With the support of the Tuscany Region and the City of Pisa, the event has been organized by Fondazione Palazzo Blu in collaboration with MondoMostre; the curator is Maria Teresa Benedetti, art historian, critic and Grande Ufficiale della Repubblica.