At the Milan Triennale, the competition projects for the revitalization and restoration of Palazzo Citterio

The European competition for the restoration of Palazzo Citterio has not yet led to a verdict on the winner. The participants were asked to approach the delicate problem of how to intervene to reconnect the many histories contained in a historical building, suggesting feasible paths to activate a constructive dialogue between old and new, without being aggressive or redundant. Many different solutions have been proposed, different from one another and all very interesting (among the many projects, there are those of Michele De Lucchi, Italo Rota, Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel and Partners, Studio Montanari & Partners, Gnosis Architettura). These proposals can be seen at the Milan Triennale from 21 January to 16 February. Skirà publishes the catalogue, illustrating the projects with introductory texts and images. The exhibition will then move to the MAXXI museum in Rome, from 6 to 30 March. For info: