At the Ceramics Museum – Palazzo Fauzone of Germagnano, an exhibition of recent works made by Ugo la Pietra at the historic Besio 1842 workshop of Mondovì. Since the start of the 1960s La Pietra has traced signs in pursuit of his own territory, increasingly residual, in which to cultivate his desires. His signs are traced on paper, canvas and, in recent years, above all on and in ceramic materials. Drawing on the folk tradition, these latest ceramics by La Pietra take on a new dignity through their singular interpretation and reinvention. The projects, for tableware, objects and furnishings, are further proof of Ugo La Pietra’s surprising variety of registers, and his way of re-presenting, in a modern perspective, characteristics linked to the memories of a territory, still the starting points for new interpretations and reflections.