At the British School at Rome (via Gramsci 61), a new cycle of seminars and exhibitions entitled Urban Landscapes – Indian Case Studieswill concentrate on some of the consequences of formal and top-down master planning, examining alternative forms of urbanization and strategies to counter the problems caused by the imposition of hyper-determined spatial visions. From May 2012 to March 2013an international multidisciplinary team of architects, urban planners, writers, art historians, anthropologists and photographers, through seminars and exhibitions, will pursue new lines of study on these themes.The program includes exhibitions and new works by the architectsStudio Mumbai and Rahul Mehrotra,Professor of Urban Design and Planning at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design. Other personalities invited include the writer William Dalrymple and the anthropologist Franco La Cecla,together with Antonio Armellini,Stefano Boeri,Achille Bonito Oliva,Pippo Ciorra, Francesco Garofalo,Joseph Grima,Margherita Guccione andSilvia Ronchey.For Transitions, the first event, the art historian Deepak Ananthhas selected three Indian photographers from three generations, Madan Mahatma, Bharat Sikka and Dhruv Malhotra, to illustrate the changes in Delhi over the last sixty years. The images of the desolate New Towns” of the Indian metropolis shed light on a global urban reality.