With this exhibition curated by Marco Meneguzzo, Ugo La Pietra retraces an important moment in history: the passage from the 1970s to the 1980s, through the recovery of the conceptual approach and the first glimpses, through ironic and spectacular aspects, of the great return to the culture of making and the neoeclecticism of the 1980s. Nevertheless, this is not just an “archaeological” or historical operation; it is also a way of testing a method of analysis of the social layering of today’s habitat. The show features 41 works, including ceramic houses, canvases, drawings and watercolors. The Interior/Exterior “Casette” of Ugo La Pietra, in the drawings and paintings, and in the ceramics produced by Fusella (Faenza) towards the end of the 1970s, and more recently by Sandro Da Boit (Sesto Fiorentino), indicate a path to give value and meaning to architecture (which communicated without making reference to postmodern stylemes), an allusive way to break down the barriers between private and public space (domestic objects emerge from interiors, moving outside), the recovery of crafts and decoration (towards the culture of making). For the occasion, the book “Interno Esterno” edited by Marco Meneguzzo is published by Corraini Edizioni. Antonia Jannone. Disegni di architettura – C.so Garibaldi 125 – Milano – tel. 0229002930 – fax. 026555628 www.antoniajannone.it – info@antoniajannone.it Tuesday-Saturday, 15.30-19.30. Mornings by appointment only.