Beauty (rediscovered) is the common thread that intertwines Uli Weber's photographs with the sixteenth-century Palazzo Maresgallo in Lecce, which for the occasion opens its restored spaces dedicated to art and hospitality

The Salento light begins to dialogue again with the sixteenth-century stone of Palazzo Maresgallo. And with beauty.

On the occasion of the official opening of its restored historic spaces, the prestigious Lecce residence inaugurates Quid Pluris: the look beyond, on Thursday 15 July, the Uli Weber Quid Pluris exhibition curated by Paola Colombari of the Milanese gallery of the same name.

Sixteen large-scale photographic images and refined printing techniques signed by the well-known photographer in an itinerary that winds through the renovated rooms dedicated to art and hospitality, on display until 30 September 2021. The secret of looking beyond oneself is the protagonist, capturing the most intense beauty returned in all its forms.

The halls of the historic residence in the historic center of Lecce, brought to light by Miriam and Lionel Gazzola, lovers of Art de vivre and contemporary art collectors, host a temporary gallery designed to host a series of exhibitions dedicated to contemporary artists linked to Salento in order to promote new cultural visions in the area. For the inauguration, the prestigious spaces emphasize the stylistic approach - eclectic and multifaceted - of Uli Weber, which gives an intense and material depth to light and colors.

Lasted more than two years, the skilful and meticulous conservative restoration of Palazzo Maresgallo, carried out in a workmanlike manner, respecting tradition, making use of the know-how of the Salento masters, was directed by the architect Graziana Chiatante, in collaboration with the company building Edilgamma by the architect Corrado Pisanò. Now the mission of the residence is to share the renovated spaces to give shape to hospitality steeped in art, in balance between history and contemporaneity.

The rooms of the building, which cover about 2000 square meters, are spread over three floors. On the ground floor, a large flowery courtyard alternates with a 'hidden' garden with a refreshing swimming pool, surrounded by precious varieties of Salento plants and trees. The main floor, in a succession of reading and conversation lounges, amidst works of art and eccentric creations by Salento as well as international artists, envelop you in a welcoming, stimulating and intriguing atmosphere. The elegant suites with a timeless atmosphere but equipped with all contemporary comforts, are set up with refined design furnishings. Crowning the house is a terrace on the top floor overlooking ancient Lecce, offering an extraordinary view of the Roman Theater and the nearby Cathedral.

The exhibition itinerary that unfolds through the halls of Palazzo Maresgallo enhances the stylistic peculiarities of Uli Weber who in his shots goes straight to the essence: with his careful and curious lens, he uses photography to explore the depth of the unconscious.

The exhibition begins with a backlit work symbolically linked to the territory: a large light box gives further light to the Salento illuminations, an ancient local tradition that Weber returns with a series of images with a surreal atmosphere - Fellini's -, to continue with the interpretation elegant and dynamic of the Polo game. What stands out is the special relationship - ancestral and mysterious - between man and horse.

The third room is a hymn to pure beauty. The one immortalized in the portraits of celebrities, in which the artist captures the freshness and genuineness of a very young Kate Moss, or the satirical and ambivalent face of a Boy George in an affable devil version, and, in contrast, that of the landscapes of Basilicata with ancient, hidden, melancholic roots. Here, Weber's shots emphasize the encounter between the splendor of unspoiled nature and its desolation.

The exhibition ends with a tribute to femininity returned through a slightly erotic and sensual gaze, on the border between reality and dream.