The second book dedicated to the beauty of the region is published. With evocative images by Giovanni Tarpani and a careful narration by art historian Elvio Lunghi

Every heritage (monuments, sites, territories and landscapes, historical and artistic traditions, customs), belongs to the historical legacy of a community that benefits from it in the present and then passes it on to future generations. All heritages are, in their own way, expressions of man's creative genius. They constitute the extraordinary testimony of the main periods in the evolution of a territory. And this is what the volume 'Umbria. Patrimoni', edited by art historian Elvio Lunghi and photographer Giovanni Tarpani.

A book and a photo exhibition

Soon in bookshops and already available to buy online, "Umbria. Patrimoni' will be presented on Sunday 17 December 2023, at 6 pm in Montefalco at the Complesso Museale San Francesco. The project is enriched by a photographic exhibition, set up at the museum, which will be inaugurated on Sunday 17 and can be visited from 18 December 2023 to 3 March 2024.

Invitation to travel

The book and the exhibition are an invitation to travel through Umbria to discover a unique heritage. Identity, protection, beauty, industriousness and knowledge connect the 248 pages and more than 160 images of the book with which continues the publishing project of Maggioli Cultura e Turismo started in 2021 with "Umbria. Eredità".

Living an experience

The Umbria sketched by Giovanni Tarpani's shots and Elvio Lunghi's words is back, with new places, known and less known, where to live an authentic experience in both small and large centres. Castles, abbeys, villages, churches, museums that experience contemporaneity by adapting to the new rhythms, preserving the best part of themselves. Places where you can get to know works that belong to the collective memory and become a community.

Umbria, a land rich in time

The central theme is the cultural heritage of the land of Umbria in all its forms: from Assisi to Panicale, via Perugia, Foligno, Montefalco or Torgiano. "The past, together with contemporaneity, allows us to experience Umbria as visitors, as tourists and as inhabitants, far from the speed at which life goes by today. This is why Umbria is 'a land rich in time'," say the authors.

A land of great vitality

"Umbria. Patrimonies' attempts to restore the deep sense of the Umbrian soul: its cultural identity. In fact, the book presents two new sections that show a land of great vitality. The first section is dedicated to some of the artistic heritages produced in this land, now preserved outside the region, which are the spreaders of knowledge of Umbria's history. The second is dedicated to virtuous examples of 'heritages of savoir-faire', which have in common material production and the reuse of existing heritage, with a strong character of openness to the contemporary world.

Opening photo: Sassovivo Abbey.