During Milan Design Week La Triennale di Milano hosted the exhibition Una Città Immaginaria created by Paola Navone to narrate the materials of Abet Laminati, based on technological research and dialogue with the world of design.


With emblematic pieces like the Carlton bookcase by Ettore Sottsass, or creations made for the show to illustrate the variegated collection of Abet Laminati, in continuous evolution, the exhibition was like a square faced by a series of constructions, each with its own identity to narrate one decade of the company’s activities.

The show was also the result of the craftsmanship and talent of the company De Rosso with which Abet Laminati has worked for over 20 years.


At the center, a series of very colorful containers embodied the 1950s, a period marked by initial research on color and decorative effects. For the 1960s a large monument was made with the Quaderna pattern by Superstudio, with many laminates from the same period hung inside, for an explanation of screen printing.

The show also focused on collaborations with outstanding names in Italian design: from Ettore Sottsass, with whom Abet Laminati worked for over 40 years, to Alessandro Mendini, another great master who has an ongoing relationship with the firm.

Digital printing was the protagonist of the 1990s in a gallery of images made by Giacomo Giannini to accompany visitors up to the present, with its important new developments: Digital Layers, the new concept created by the studio Terzano+Arcidiacono introduces a new way of approaching digital printing, permitting personalization of laminates with decorations and colors, offering unlimited design potential.