This town in Piedmont presents an original festival of wall art, initiated in 2010 thanks to the partnership between the City of Ormea and the collective Il Cerchio e le gocce. The goal is to narrate the stories and legends of the mountains, to recover collective memory and tradition, with a focus on the artistic and architectural improvement of a historical center that is a labyrinth of alleys, with a perimeter in the strange form of a heart. This is the location in which the artists Mr Fjodor, Corn, Reser, Aryz and Truly Designwill color the streets of the town, commemorating its history and traditions. All the projects have been gathered in a map to outline a true art tour. The collective “Il Cerchio e le gocce” has organized PicTurin (Turin 2010), the largest murals festival in Europe, and Muridamare (Imperia), a project developed with the purpose of bringing new quality and a sense of urban renewal to the techniques and expedients of graffiti and street art, taking a “legalized” approach with the approval and support of municipal and provincial governments, but without losing the characteristic free, expressive force of these art forms.