The new real estate project at Via Volturno 33 in Milan has been developed by Hobag, an international force in this sector for over 180 years, and designed by the architects Tiziano Vudafieriand Claudio Saverinoof the Studio Vudafieri Saverino Partners. V33 is in one of the most characteristic and interesting neighborhoods in Milan: Isola, or the area between Piazzale Lagosta, Via Bassi, Via Pastrengo and the Garibaldi station. Lightness, rising upward: these are the first impressions of the 13-storey V33 building. The new construction, which adds onto an existing tower, has been designed to be in tune with its surroundings, updating the image with references to the rationalist architecture of the 1950s-1960s. The anthracite gray of the lower levels gets paler towards the top, shifting to a champagne tone, while the many windows make the building visually lighter. Attention to form, but without neglecting substance. The stone and aluminium, the window frames and lateral screens are all the results of sustainable choices. For those in search of living spaces that convey a sense of harmony, V33 offers an island of calm where wellbeing and high quality of life are guaranteed by careful selection of materials and technologies and painstaking attention to detail, as seen in the internal and external finishings. Quality has been achieved in terms of the internal layouts of the apartments – with particular focus on the outdoor spaces of terraces, and the views of the city – and in terms of a constant design approach based on ecocompatibility, to ensure great performance of thermal and acoustic insulation, as well as climate control. The apartments are accessed by means of a hall, conceived not just as a space of passage, but as a true lounge available to all the tenants, which leads to a common staircase, the elevator, afitness zone and a terrace-garden. The space is separated from the street by large safety glass windows with thermal break frames in champagne-tone anodized aluminium. The apartments have been designed to take full advantage of natural light. The units facing west have large terraces, while those facing east, on Via Volturno, with feature bow windows protected by special decorated metal blinds.