The exhibition presents forty images of the artist, dedicated to the story of the Sanlorenzo shipyards, in dialogue with a selection of works from the most recent projects

Until 15 July 2022, STILL Photography in Milan hosts the exhibition of Veronica Gaido, Dedalo e altre storie, dedicated to shipyards Sanlorenzo and to a special selection of the artist's personal projects.

The core of the exhibition, curated by Denis Curti, revolves around forty images that tell the story of Cantieri Sanlorenzo, in dialogue with the city of Venice and its millenary history.

In her works, Veronica Gaido thinks about the often conflicting relationship between figure and background.

"The photographs - says Denis Curti - prove to be the materialization of that harmonious development that allows you to no longer perceive any difference between the different levels. Everything is democratically proposed with the same force and the same measure.

The background is no longer just a welcome: it can finally play a leading role. The figure is certainly welcomed in the context, but it is no longer the only one to define the perimeter of meaning of the entire image. And then is like being inside a dream".

Those that the artist from Viareggio captures are forms in constant mutation, thanks to a shooting in motion, which attract the visitor's eye and at the same time deceive him. The initial certainty, induced by the reassuring emotion of recognition, vanishes and leaves room for our imagination.

"I tried to use light like a Flemish painter's brush" says Veronica Gaido offering the possibility of finding an experiential dimension that rarely belongs to photography, because it is too descriptive and often destined to recite the fragmented syntheses of reality.

"It is for this reason - continues Denis Curti - that I like to define Veronica's images as thoughts visual.

Within these abstractions there are many stories, there is above all quantity human, because I recognize that ability to listen and perceive silence. And this ability fascinates anyone who approaches these photographs".

Veronica Gaido. Daedalus and other stories

Milan, Still Photography (Via Zamenhof, 11)

June 7 - July 15 2022

Hours: Tuesday-Friday, 10-13 / 14-18; Thursday, 10-13 / 14-19