The exhibition dedicated to architecture, art and history begins on 20 July in Rome, with events, guided tours, exhibitions and workshops to explore new territories while remaining nearby

Knowing the world while staying where you are, to explore places that we live every day but that we know little about and that hide surprising stories. This is the theme of the festival Viaggi nei paraggi (Travel around), in Rome from 20 July to 4 August.

Travel for free while staying comfortably (for Romans) in the city: face-to-face and online events, tours, treasure hunts, podcasts, workshops, from Europe to America, up - literally - sky high.

Time travel: art, architecture, music and technology

Not a journey in a physical sense, but an exploration of the destinations close to us that have so much to tell and that allow us to travel in time and to learn about cultures far from ours through architecture, art, literature, history.

The lesser known face of the capital

The festival program organized by the cultural association Open City Rome provides urban tours and events both in person and online , all free, to discover a less known face of the capital, between past and present.

Rome offers us the opportunity to discover cultures and people from faraway places while staying in the city” explains Laura Calderoni , curator of the festival. This year we will explore American culture, Spanish poets and Islamic architecture, taking a few steps through the streets of Rome, we will be able to travel by plane telling the story of Roman airports or even towards the stars, starting from the famous frescoes by Raphael in the Vatican rooms. Furthermore, the collaboration with various cultural institutes will allow us to discover new and amazing places”.

Suburbs and places unknown to most

Rome, an ancient city, yet with a thousand stories yet to be revealed . Those conceived by the festival are journeys of discovery and cultural enrichment. Distributed throughout the urban territory, they include the suburbs and places far from traditional tourist circuits.

Visits accessible to all that bring out the most important thing in traveling: confronting different cultures , opening up to the new, getting involved, to explore new territories staying nearby.

Multimedia content and illustrations

Many events will be available on site with the aid of multimedia content that can be viewed via QRcode. Like Opera Manifesto, interactive posting of author, specially created by Alessandro Acciarino as part of the H501 project which takes its cue from the GRA, the Grande Raccordo Anulare, the urban highway designed by engineer Eugenio Gra from which all the journeys of the Romans begin. A symbolic place that inspired directors, storytellers and musicians.