Knoll today launches a video show online that presents the complete family of the KN Collection. As if they were on the catwalk, all the variants of seats and armchairs of the line parade. A real show, with the extraordinary participation of Piero Lissoni

Design on the catwalk. Special guest? Piero Lissoni.

Contemporary living changes, and communication changes accordingly. It is increasingly digital, wider and less sectoral: more direct. But it doesn't showcase itself. Or rather, the window is there, but not static: it is dynamic, in motion, even motorized, at times playful. And the industrial context opposes a timeless allure.

The complete family of the KN Collection presents itself with a special video show that Knoll launches online today, disseminating it simultaneously on the website and on its social channels. KN Collection Show is inspired by a fashion show featuring all the variants of KN seats and armchairs. From the progenitor KN01 up to the latest models KN06 and KN07, the products parade and twirl’, raised, as if they were works of art, on mobile pedestals with an industrial style, to be admired by the (digital) spectators in every detail, aesthetic , structural and material. Until the final applause, when the entire collection gathers around its creator, Piero Lissoni.

Ph. Veronica Gaido

The long-term collaboration between Knoll and Piero Lissoni has evolved over time in various projects, extending from the home to the office. The Milanese architect, with his unique sensibilities, has been able to act as a spokesperson over the years for the codes and style of Knoll, with the elegance and poise that set his design apart, discreetly applying a contemporary language while at the same time paying homage to the classics of the past.

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For 2021, Knoll presents the expansion of a program that began in 2018. From the outset to the present, the KN Collection by Knoll, an expression of a perfect balance between modernity and tradition, has grown to form a family of seating with a forceful stylistic signature, keeping its identity intact with every new creation.

“The history of the KN family and its growth is a case of ‘the more you get, the more you want,’” Piero Lissoni explains. “We began with a swivel chair, then we raised it and added movement. But this chair had to have one special characteristic: it had to seem like a cloud, floating in the air. This led to the 02 with its ottoman, the 03. After that, we asked ourselves, ‘why not make an 04?’ Perhaps we can slim it a little, lower it, make it more streamlined. So the 04 came into being, and we thought, ‘well, that is truly a beautiful object… why not do the 05?’ And so, number by number, we have reached this latest model, the 07. It is a very simple chair, clear and basic, but it contains the DNA of Knoll – in short, when you see it you know it is a Knoll creation. So here we are!”

The entire collection stands out for the minimalist language of its curved design, a perfect blend of functional quality and refined aesthetics. The common denominator of the project is the shell, a smooth, curved chassis that grants the seats a recognizable and original image, while at the same time providing unique comfort.

Seven collections, in multiple variations, remarkable for their particular versatility: from the forerunner KN01, a lounge chair with a compact, elegant form, to the iconic KN02 high back chair, both swivel models, where the latter is set apart by a higher reclining back, accompanied by the KN03 ottoman. Next comes the KN04 armchair, which made its debut together with the KN05 settee, with a fixed structure on four legs in metal rod. All the way to the latest items, the KN06 and KN07, seating solutions with soft, fluid forms, available with four legs or in the version with a height-adjustable swivel base with four stars on glides or five stars on casters.

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Ideal for spaces in the home or waiting rooms, as well as for use in informal offices, the KN Collection, thanks to its wide range of solutions, coordinates perfectly with all the collections in the Knoll catalogue, and calls for an extensive assortment of materials and finishes that add character to every creation, emphasizing the modernist spirit while accentuating the understated elegance of the design. The KN collection represents the perfect combination of some of the fundamental values of products by Knoll: design, high quality of materials, maximum comfort and painstaking attention to detail.

The launch of the video of the show, on Tuesday 25 May, will be followed by a talk, online on the Knoll website and social channels, between Benjamin Pardo, Knoll EVP of Design, and Piero Lissoni.