Green Island transforms the abandoned space of a former garage in the center of Milan into an itinerary to discover the ancient Italian tradition of growing grapes, in a zone marked by many historical traces of this activity.

The project organized by Claudia Zanfi continues the collaboration between Green Island and the 5Vie district.

The installation “La vigna in giardino” offers a path through a small vineyard surrounded by a typical Italian garden, with Mediterranean plants like ivy, surfinia, pothos, perennial grasses, miscanthus, pennisetum, acanthus and others. A sensory experience blending the texture of leaves, the various shades of green, rigorously blue-violet flowers to match the color of grapes, aromas of wood and must, the sounds of a summer afternoon in the country.

This intriguing project is part of an itinerary on the culture of grape growing that following the exceptional rediscovery and historical reconstruction of the Vineyard of Leonardo at the Casa degli Atellani and the vineyard at the Oratorio della Passione in Sant’Ambrogio, transforms the space of Garage Sanremo into a contemporary vineyard. In fact, in the days of Leonardo da Vinci the vineyards of Milan were in the 5Vie zone, cultivated in the gardens of palaces and convents.