At the Fair in Rho, in coordination with Made Expo, Pavilion 9 hosts the 25th International Exhibition-Conference of Visual Communication. Reed Exhibitions, which organizes the event, has invited Paola Coronel to curate an installation of 200 m2 on interior decoration, with a focus on architects and designers. The world of Visuals & Communication thus opens its doors to designers. The companies involved in the show look at interior designfrom a new perspective, offering newscenarios and possibilities.Interior decoration,viewed and corrected with the new technologiesof digital printing, is also the central theme of the Viscom Live installation, curated by PaolaCoronel, to enliven this interesting 3-day happening.Zanotta, Unifor and Luceplan, historic design complanies, have been combined with many applications from the companies, which include:3M Italia,B+B4makers,Eurotech,EurodisplayDesignin Progress,  Fotolia, Hewlett-Packard, RolandDGMidEurope,ShockLineand Zünd. This combination gives rise to different environments where decoration, like a ‘virus’,contaminates walls, floors, lamps,chairs,tables and everyday objects like plates, glasses, flatware, USB memory sticks, telephone covers, helmets andsnowboards, in a universe of opportunities, to pick up and rework with personal style and taste.,C8929,I9407.htm?KM_Session=1f772487ff9f9e6395a80f94a442c839.