In Milan on Via Lorenteggio, the headquarters of Vodafone Italia is a modern ecosustainable complex of 67,000 m2, which opens its doors in the spring of 2012 to about 3000 employees. Vodafone Village features a series of sustainable strategies that cut its environmental impact in half: from the photovoltaic garden of 800 m2, capable of producing over 80 Kw/h, to a 3 megawatt regeneration system, and a special photocatalytic concrete that removes organic and inorganic pollutants from the air. The innovative complex is composed of three buildings, with heights of 14, 12 and 10 floors, all for offices, and a fourth volume for community spaces. The three main buildings have completely transparent facades, covering an overall area of 27,000 m2, facing a square and reflecting each other, like a citadel, a modern “village” that looks back to the most ancient Italian architectural tradition while making use of new, innovative technologies. The guidelines of the project (exteriors by P.R.P and interiors by Dante Benini) cover themes particularly cherished by Vodafone, which has been engaged for years in the implementation of policies of social responsibility: innovation, energy savings, workplace quality of life, environmental impact.