At Museo Tornielli (piazza Marconi 1), for the program Studi Aperti, the exhibition offers a glimpse of the most hidden part of the collection of Museo Alessi. From the over 23,000 objects in its vast collection, 22 prototypes, moulds and production phases have been selected to represent unknown, unexpected and surprising aspects of the practice of one of the most famous factories of Italian design. The objects on display are accompanied by narrations of the research behind their existence: a voyage through the history of the firm and its collaborations with the big names of international design, from Achille Castiglioni to Philippe Starck, Ettore Sottsass to Salvador Dali. The exhibition Wasistdas? Is connected to a game: the story of 10 of the objects on view has not been revealed in the context of the exhibit, giving visitors a chance to guess. At the end of the itinerary, they can see if their interpretations were correct.