A photography exhibition by Jacopo Ibello, organized by the Museo di Arte e Giacimenti Minerari and the association Save Industrial Heritage, with the support of the Spanish Embassy.


Wasteland comes from an idea of the professor Silvia Serranti, director of the Museo di Arte e Giacimenti Minerari, to bring out the cultural and aesthetic value of the archaeology of mining.

The Museo dell’Arte Classica, with its collection of plaster casts of masterpieces of Greek and Roman sculpture, is a spectacular setting that generates a fascinating contrast between classical and industrial archaeology.


Jacopo Ibello is an industrial heritage expert and president of Save Industrial Heritage. His work in the field of industrial archaeology takes him on many voyage, in which he applies photography as a means of documenting the present condition of the sites visited.


The exhibition Wasteland, curated by Isabèl Gollin, is organized in three theme sections: water, force, waste.