In May, the completely updated training program of Poli.Design for the wellness sector returns

Torna a maggio, completamente rinnovato, il percorso formativo di Poli.Design dedicato al settore benessere e alla progettazione degli spazi Wellness


Poli.Design launches the Advanced Training Program in Wellness & Lifestyle, focusing on the design of spas and fitness spaces, new bath areas and, more in general, all the spaces in which lifestyle meets physical and mental wellbeing.

The course begins on 21 May 2018, on a schedule of 8 hours per day, bringing together all the protagonists of the sector: hotel operators, managers, designers and companies. Participants learn about innovative developments, exploring practical solutions in the field.

The 120 hours are divided into 60 for theoretical lectures and 60 for project work. Based on the time they have available and their interests, students can decide to take part only in the lectures, or in the lectures and the project work as well.

For more info contact Ufficio Coordinamento Formazione: – tel. 0223997275.