“Marimekko has always believed in young talent, so for our 60th we decided to launch an international competition to involve future designers in the development of everyday solutions, starting with the idea of ‘designing together’”.

This is how the creative director of Marimekko, Minna Kemell-Kuvonen, introduces the competition Marimekko has organized in collaboration with the Department of Design of the Aalto University School of Art and Design. The contest, entitled “Why not together | Take part. Make art”, is for design students from leading international schools, and focuses on the theme of cooperation between people from different sectors, cultures and continents, whose interaction can lead to the creation of innovative products and the solving of serious problems. The competition will focus on the creation of solutions that encourage people to socialize, and will be divided into three categories: products for everyday living; actions, events and encounters generated by aesthetic thinking; services to improve everyday life. The solutions should be original, of high quality, and sustainable: all characteristics found in the variegated Marimekko collection. The deadline for participation is 6 May; finalists will be announced on 24 May, winners on 14 September.