The eight large arched windows of the Rinascente department store on Piazza del Duomo have been ‘invaded’ by a whirlwind of 1300 snowflakes, an allegory of the star of Bethlehem, in flight through the entire portico. It is an installation by Moritz Waldemeyer: a myriad of iridescent crystals that change color depending on the vantage point of the observer, transforming the portico into an abstract, mutable form filled with vibrant visual suggestions. WinterWonder is the result of the visionary verve of Waldemeier, which LaRinascente, in collaboration with Interni, offers to the city. A triumph of lights and colors created by the young German designer thanks to 1300 snowflakes, all different, made in laser-cut plastic. A design wave to celebrate Christmas with the expressive and narrative force of technology and light. Downloading the app WinterWonder on your mobile device, and viewing a marker on the store windows on the screen, you can make a vortex of snowflakes come alive, wrapping the people and objects captured by the video camera.