At CSAC in Parma, an exhibition explores the concept of dress, understood as object and design

Wire stories is the concluding exhibition of a research project begun in 2020, curated by Francesca Zanella and Valentina Rossi, which involved Claudia Losi, Paola Mattioli and Sissi in the creation of never-before-seen works inspired by collections from the Parma area and partly created in collaboration with local textile companies.

A complex heritage

The "wire stories" tell a complex heritage, intangible assets, knowledge of which memory is being lost: a topography of places of the past and present linked to the concept of dress, understood as object and project. The exhibition is on view until September 25, 2022 at CSAC - Centro Studi e Archivio della Comunicazione at Viazza di Paradigna 1 in Parma.

Sissi's drawings

On the occasion of the exhibition, Sissi exhibits for the first time the series of drawings Dressing Through Time created for the publication "Abitolario: encyclopedic existence of dress in linguistic verse" (Il Poligrafo, 2021). In the first phase of the two-year project, Sissi had already produced three sculpture dresses, exhibited in 2021 at Palazzo Pigorini in the Bodies and Processes section of the CSAC exhibition Design! Objects, Processes, Experiences.

The works of Claudia Losi

Claudia Losi's artistic practice starts from the observation of the environment, both natural and man-made, and investigates the deep relationship between collective narrative and imaginary through multidisciplinary and collaborative projects. In this case, the artist focused her research on the CSAC fund of Bruno Munari, elaborating a series of works complemented by the meeting with the boys and girls of the Cooperativa Eidè, during a workshop at the Botanical Garden of the University of Parma. On display are six works entitled Pelle di bosco (2022), which, like tree fronds, will descend into the space of the Cistercian Abbey of Valserena.

Paola Mattioli's photography

Paola Mattioli worked by capturing with her Hasselblad the "wire stories" that flowed between the different heritages of CSAC and partner institutions. The idea of thread is declined in different forms: from the real wire, the one used to weave and create clothing, to the figurative, conceptual thread that traces the treasures kept within the archives. The result is thirty never-before-seen shots that reveal the complexity and richness of these heritages.

Design documents

Parallel to the exhibition, in the path inside Valserena Abbey, some design documents taken from the funds from which the artists drew inspiration are displayed, in particular those of Walter Albini, Archizoom Associati, Atelier Farani, Gabriele Basilico, Brunetta, Cioni Carpi, Carla Cerati, Mario Cresci, Sorelle Fontana, Cinzia Ruggeri, Mimmo Jodice, Krizia, Dorothea Lange, Eva Marisaldi, Moschino, Bruno Munari,Marcello Nizzoli, Man Ray, Sartoria Farani, Ettore jr. Sottsass, Luigi Veronesi.

Useful info

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