Women: New Portraits, the exhibition at Fabbrica Orobia 15 in Milan, presents new photographs by Annie Leibovitz, as one stop on a global tour visiting 10 cities.

The new work continues a project that began over 15 years ago with Women, a collection of portraits published in 1999 and still very popular today. Susan Sontag, who worked on the first project, called it a work in progress. Women: New Portraits reflects the changes in the role of women in contemporary society, and over the course of the year to come it will become a single project composed of multiple shots.

The new photographs show women of exceptional achievement, including artists, musicians, managers, writers, philanthropists. Besides the new portraits, the show also includes works from the first edition and other photographs never shown before.

The exhibition is accompanied by free educational programs (open to the city), which in line with the central role assigned to education by UBS explore various perspectives through photography, working with young people from local schools, communities and universities.


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Gloria Steinem, New York City 2015© Annie Leibovitz from Women: New Portraits
gallery gallery
Annie Leibovitz, New York City, 2012 © Annie Leibovitz. From Women: New Portraits