New horizons for timber construction: the 2024 edition presented in the Hall of Honour of the Valentino Castle in Turin

Are architectural competitions and awards still needed today? What does it mean for a professional to stand out in design in a given field (residential, public, private, ceramic, stone, wood, etc.)? If the aim is to test the skills of designers as curious, empathetic, creative, intelligent human beings, capable, through their talent, of connecting us with the Planet and making us better people, then yes, architecture prizes still make sense. All the more so if they are linked to values such as sustainability, circular economy, green economy: to everything, in short, that can transform the building sector into a virtuous model capable of tackling the growing climate crisis. This is why, following on from the success of the 2023 edition, Klimahouse is launching the Wood Architecture Prize 2024, celebrating the architectural and sustainable value of Italian timber buildings.

Innovating wood architecture: open call

Architects, engineers, developers and innovators in the construction sector are invited to apply for an award, set up by Fiera Bolzano as part of Klimahouse, with the scientific partnership of the Polytechnic University of Turin and Iuav University of Venice. The call will be open from 20 July until 15 November 2023. A springboard for the future of wood architecture, the award, the first at national level for wood architecture, aims to support research into a design and construction process in line with international climate and sustainability issues.

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Valorising wood projects realised in Italy

"Following the interest aroused by the first edition, with the participation of no less than 70 candidate projects, Wood Architecture Prize 2024 continues the work of valorising design experiences matured in Italy in recent years thanks to the expertise of professionals and companies," says Thomas Mur, director of Fiera Bolzano. "The initiative, which sees the strategic alliance with professional associations and authoritative media partners, has been able to create solid connections and a community with leading experts in the sector."

The selection criteria: how to apply

The 2024 edition will be open to works relating to new buildings, redevelopments and/or extensions, additions to existing buildings, experimental architecture, designed and built in Italy - with particular attention paid to design durability and the combined use of sustainable materials - in the following categories: private architecture (works intended for private use with any functional connotation: residential buildings, tertiary, hotels, etc.); public architecture (works intended for collective/public use with any functional connotation: schools, libraries, offices and public service buildings, etc.); public architecture (works intended for collective/public use with any functional connotation: schools, libraries, offices and public service buildings, etc.). ); public architecture (works intended for collective/public use with any functional connotation of service: school buildings, libraries, offices and public service buildings, etc.); temporary architecture: works intended for temporary use.

Building the future

Eligible for participation are works in wood built in Italy from 2020 onwards submitted by architects, civil and environmental engineers and landscape architects registered with the Italian professional associations as well as professionals from other countries who have carried out projects in Italy on commission from public, private or government bodies. Clients, companies, start-ups, PAs and other entities will also be able to participate, demonstrating that cutting-edge constructions are the result of synergic teamwork. From the works competing for the award, the finalist projects in each category will first be selected, which will be subjected to further evaluation to identify the three winning projects. The jury may award special mentions to the finalist projects and a special mention - across the three categories - will be given to the work of a designer under 35. The jury is made up of: architect Manuel Benedikter (Studio Benedikter), architect Sandy Attia (MoDusArchitects), professor Guido Callegari (Turin Polytechnic), architect Mauro Frate (Studio MFA Architects and former Iuav contract lecturer), professor Roberto Gargiani (EPFL - Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale Lausanne), Luca Gibello (editor-in-chief of Il Giornale dell'Architettura), professor Paolo Simeone (Turin Polytechnic).

Appointment at Klimahouse 2024

The winners will be announced during Klimahouse (from 31 January to 3 February 2024): their projects will be valorised with a photographic exhibition that will travel nationwide and with the participation of the authors of the award-winning works as speakers at the Waiting for Wood Architecture Prize 2025 and other events organised or participated in by Fiera Bolzano, synergic with the world of wood both nationally and abroad. The winning projects will gain visibility in magazines and communication tools of Klimahouse and Fiera Bolzano (web and social channels) and media-partners. The winner of the Under 35 mention will be entitled to a photographic reportage of their work by the Barbara Corsico photographic studio.