Transience is accepted in design culture as one of the intrinsic qualities of contemporary urban spaces. The figure of the designer gets closer to that of the set designer, called on to create true urban stages, installations capable of updating the image of the city, changing its visage, if only for a few days each year. The workshop is part of the Masters program in landscape architecture and permanent training of UPCof Barcelona/ACMA Milan. The workshop is an intensive course of specialization and updating, aimed at graduates and students in the disciplines of a technical-scientific character connected with management of the territory (architecture, landscape design, engineering, environmental sciences, natural sciences, agrarian sciences and forestry, cultural assets, anthropology, sociology, urban planning, sciences and politics of the territort, etc). The workshop calls for a series of daily theoretical contributions (theme lectures) and has three practical phases: knowledge and interpretation of the place (viewing of materials and of the area); project development (individually or in groups); debate and presentation of proposals.