OSA offers nine workshops - from photography to new media to design & performance held by Sara Ricciardi - which take place between June and July in Stromboli at oTTo a ~ mare, the summer version of the Sarpi oTTo venue in Milan

Designed for open, creative and volcanic people, from 11 June to 29 July 2022, OSA (oTTo summer academy) proposes nine workshops on the island of Stromboli, in the context - slow and silent - of the garden overflowing with bougainvillea, fig trees and olive trees from oTTo a ~ mare, a simple and genuine in front of which stands the scenic majesty of the most active volcano in the world. The accommodation? In the name of authenticity in typical Aeolian houses.

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What is the oTTo project

Born as a local in via Sarpi, in Milan, oTTo collects many souls, dimensions, projects and meetings, some of these right in Stromboli, where OSA is also born, a withdrawal in a suspended time . An isolated place that allows you to dedicate yourself to a passion without distractions, frenzy or constraints, surrounded by new people, listening to the lapping of the sea and savoring the smells and flavors of the south, between the black earth of the Aeolian Islands, the green of the lush vegetation and the blue deep in the Mediterranean.

oTTo a ~ mare: all free, all outdoors

Everyone can read the name as he prefers: oTTo a ~ mare is the dream of the sea and of loving the sea. Born in 2020 as a summer version of Sarpi oTTo, the interior (or rather the outdoor) refined design, the welcoming style, fresh and dynamic, the genuine menu, but above all the spirit, are those of oTTo: from the freedom of living spaces in a flexible way, to the simplicity of the furnishings, as linear as they are comfortable, to the green that here is uncontaminated nature. All outdoors: all outside, around the white straw counter.

OSA: a new way - isolated and volcanic - to learn and share

What OSA proposes is an isolated week to learn something . Like an escape away from everyday life and its frenzied rhythms, a refuge within an uncontaminated and at the same time muffled world, in which to discover new passions and develop ideas and desires that you didn't even know you had. But above all, OSA is a place to meet new people stimulating to share your journey with.

The professionals involved in the creative workshops

For the second edition of OSA 2022 there are already on board: Francesco Costa, Enrico Pitzianti, Diego Passoni, Stefano Guerrera, Pierluca Mariti, Matteo Caccia, Ester Viola, Sara Ricciardi, Olimpia Zagnoli , Antonio Pascale, Roberto De Paolis and Alessandro Grassani who will take care of nine workshops: journalism, podcast, new media, illustration, cinema, photography, comedy, performance & design and writing. This year the places (available until exhaustion) provided for participants become between 30 and 40 per week and the packages offered are different, they may include meals and accommodation or not.

Activities and moments of experimentation

Each week a workshop, each workshop has a specific theme, which is carried out by these special teachers for a whole week, through different activities and moments of experimentation. During a few weeks, several workshops on similar themes will take place simultaneously, for example direction and photography.

Sara Ricciardi’s design, performances and cognitive investigations

From 16 to 22 July, in particular, the design workshop & performance held by Sara Ricciardi , who had already participated in the first edition of OSA 2021 together with Nadia Terranova, Andrea De Sica, Luca Misculin and Francesco Jodice .

The workshop will consist in building, designing, conceiving your own natural stage , in harmony with the island, where you can express yourself with others in a performance not only visual, but also narrative and textual.

The body and nature become the scene

The artistic performance therefore finds an area of experimentation of excellence in the volcanic island of Stromboli, in a natural context full of energy and elements where the body and nature become the scene. Between irony, dream inspirations and journeys of thought, Sara will lead the participants to discover the performance, but perhaps also a little about themselves.

An experience of growth open to all

OSA is not a master for experts, nor a course for students. And it's not even a vacation. It is an experience of culture and growth, open to all people who love a specific subject, whatever the age, social background, work. The important thing is passion.

The requirement to participate in OSA? Being a person predisposed to absorb notions and sensations to better understand a theme. And obviously be curious, willing to be with others and willing to get involved, in a different place than usual, for a different experience than usual.