The workshop is organized by Isadin partnership with Mediaset; the students will visit the Mediaset production center and meet the set designers and the head of safety and security, accompanied by the professor Paolo Santoni. The course examines different television shows (in relation to sets) through the creation of projects, selected from the various forms of televised programming (fiction, talk show, etc).The workshop includes an initial theoretical segment with an introduction to the specificities of the television language, as well as encounters with an expert in communication who will talk about the “composition of the image” in connection with the television medium, a director and a head of photography, who will describe their specific relationship with sets and programs. The second part involves a project, using the particular techniques of set design, within the various “modes” of the design of the sets of televised entertainment. The workshop is conducted in Italian and English, for a total of 30 hours, in 10 sessions, on a weekly basis from 9.30 to 12.30.