The exhibition presented by La CasabellaLaboratorio, the space for exhibitions and cultural events created by the magazine Casabellain Milan on Via Marco Polo, features eight projects created by architects under 30 for 52-storey skyscrapers. The architects were selected by the editorial staff of Casabella from the 160 candidates who responded to an open call for the design of a tower, without specifying the place in which it would be built or its functional program. The only limitation was the mandatory height of 52 floors. The eight selected architects have developed utterly theoretical projects, translating the exercise into large models, about two meters high, that will be on display at CasabellaLaboratorio. The goal of the project is to offer young professionals a chance to contribute to the renewal of the Italian architecture scene. An opportunity for discussion, and to show their work to a qualified audience. The designers are: Bam!, Stefano Belingardi Clusoni, Luca Bosco / Fabio Zampese, Paolo Didonè, Francesco Di Gregorio / Vanni Meozzi, Stefano Stefano Larotonda, Filippo Nassetti, Angelo Renna.  The projects were selected by: Federico Bucci, Nicola Braghieri, Massimo Ferrari and Enrico Molteni. Gallery manager: Carlotta Tonon; visual identity: Tassinari/Vetta; installation: Philipp Wuendrich; exhibit production: Brendolini scale; with the support of Cersaie.