Your Opticar Illusion is a project created by Braintropy in collaboration with Motor Village Italia to narrate the style of women.

The central focus is the concept of personalization, and the protagonist is Patty Toy, the “it bag” by Braintropy that interprets this code of communication precisely to enable everyone to change, play and have fun with their own accessories.

Your Opticar Illusion sets out to revolutionize the concept of the accessory, because for the first time it is the car that is transformed into an absolutely feminine accessory, glamorous, truly unique.

The protagonists are four Patty Toys, the “it bag” by Braintropy, versatile and modular, and four Fiat 500s, the iconic model that for over 50 years has been a beloved and collectible legend, personalized by entire generations of Italians and other people in the world. Imagination, elegance, the quality of Made in Italy and fun are the assets of a project that will have great appeal for (motor) fashion victims.

The four influencers are Catherine Poulaine, Laura Comolli, Valentina Marzullo and Alessia Sica, who will interpret the project on their fashion blogs through personalized outfits, to launch a viral operation on the social networks.

The four stops of the program in Italy for the Your Opticar Illusion Tour take the project to the Motor Villages in Palermo (12 May), Turin (19 May), Naples (26 May) and Rome (9 June).

Four events, with performers from “Italia’s Got Talent” to liven things up.

Only listed guests will be admitted; to participate, visit